Allergy and Asthma Management Clinic Questions and Answers

Allergy and Asthma Management Clinic Questions and Answers

If you are dealing with symptoms from allergies and asthma, contact Suburban Healthcare Associates today to start learning more about how to manage your symptoms. Our healthcare providers are well trained in managing your allergies and asthma. Call us for more information or schedule an appointment. We have convenient locations to serve you in Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, and Joliet IL.

Allergy and Asthma Management Clinic Near Me in Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, and Joliet IL
Allergy and Asthma Management Clinic Near Me in Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, and Joliet IL

What are three ways to manage asthma and allergies?

Asthma is one of the most common chronic lung diseases millions of people deal with each day, asthma can make it difficult to breathe as well as other things. Although there is no cure as of yet for Asthma, those that live with asthma can still live a healthy, active life while keeping their asthma under control.

Some helpful ways to keep your asthma and allergies under control include:

  1. Know your triggers and try your best to avoid them
    Your allergies and asthma can become irritated by triggers like allergens and irritants. The best way to control your asthma and allergies is to know your triggers and how best to avoid them. 
  2. Continue to take your asthma medication as prescribed by your healthcare provider
  3. Just because you may not have any symptoms, does not mean you should stop taking your medication. Asthma and allergies do not go away, they may settle for a small period of time, but your asthma and allergies can flare up at any given time depending on what triggers it.
  4. Learn to properly use your inhaler
    Once upon receiving your inhaler, have your healthcare provider show you how to properly use it so the medicine within the inhaler reaches your airways.
  5. Stop smoking and try to avoid second-hand smoke
    It’s recommended to stop smoking if you have asthma, as it can significantly reduce the severity and frequency of your asthma attacks. Smoking can even reduce the effectiveness of your asthma medication. Even if you do not smoke, second-hand smoke can still flare up your asthma and be a trigger to worsen your symptoms.
  6. Exercise and stay fit
    Exercise is great to help strengthen your breathing muscles, boosts your immune system and helps to keep you at a healthy body weight.
  7. Create an asthma action plan
    Due to asthma symptoms being variable, they can become worse or get better depending on a multitude of things. You should learn how to adjust your medications depending on your symptoms and seek out medical help with it. Work closely with your healthcare provider to create an individualized action plan for your asthma.
  8. Stay healthy
    Viruses can easily trigger asthma or allergies like the cold or flu which tends to infect many airways and lungs. Viral infections are a common cause to flare up asthma.

Can allergy and Asthma be cured?

Unfortunately, asthma and allergies cannot be completely cured, but can be managed. The right treatment plan can drastically reduce the impact you may feel with allergies or asthma.

Working with an allergy specialist can help to reduce the likelihood of your severe asthma attacks and allergies as well as minimize any of the main symptoms.

Why is it important to manage your allergies and asthma?

Learning to manage and reduce your allergy and asthma will not only reduce the impact it has on you, but also on the healthcare services you use for your allergies and asthma. Controlling your allergies and asthma may mean seeing minimal to no symptoms and freedom for many.

Knowing what triggers your allergies or asthma helps so you can control your condition. This means you can live your life more comfortably knowing you won’t have to deal with an allergy or asthma attack out of know where like previously.

How can Suburban Healthcare Associates help me with my Allergy and Asthma Management?

If you are suffering from constant sneezing, eczema, frequent infections and asthma, our providers at Suburban Healthcare Associates can help. Our healthcare providers are well trained in managing your allergies and asthma.

Suburban Healthcare Associates offers allergy testing in our clinic as well as management of your allergies with shots and drops. We offer convenient hours specifically for your busy schedule.

Suburban Healthcare Associates test with common respiratory and food allergens and focuses on:

  • Food allergies
  • Nebulizer Treatments
  • Spirometry

If you have other questions to ask our doctors at Suburban Health Associates, we welcome you to call us or schedule an appointment through our website! We serve patients from Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, Joliet IL, Romeoville IL, Shorewood IL, Crest Hill IL, and Aurora IL.

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