Family Medicine Clinic Near Me in Naperville, IL

Family Medicine Clinic Questions and Answers

Suburban Healthcare Associates wants to be your family’s choice medicine clinic. Our doctors are family medicine experts who can provide comprehensive care for your whole family. Come visit us at our clinic today! Call us for more information or schedule an appointment online! We are conveniently located at 2776 Fogue Drive, Suite 100, Naperville, IL 60564.

Family Medicine Clinic Near Me in Naperville, IL
Family Medicine Clinic Near Me in Naperville, IL

What do family medicine doctors do?

You can call a family medicine doctor just that, or you can call one a family doctor for short! It’s a really good idea to have a family doctor for your family. There are lots of reasons why what they do is so helpful and even vital.

A family doctor can provide first-contact healthcare, preventive care, and continual care. This means you and your loved ones can see a family doctor for common health conditions like minor bone fractures or throat infections, and these conditions can often be prevented. A chronic condition like diabetes can be prevented or managed too. Even if all you need is general advice or family health advice, a family doctor can provide it and help you keep yourself and your family well. And if there’s a particular service a family doctor can’t provide, the doctor can give you a referral for a specialist and network with that specialist.

There’s another advantage of seeing a family doctor: if your whole family sees the same doctor, the doctor can easily identify and treat any genetic health issues that run in the family.

Is family medicine a primary care practice?

Actually, family medicine is a division of primary care. This means it can provide primary care services and continual and comprehensive care for individuals. Some of the family medicine/primary care services we provide at our clinic include:

A family medicine doctor can become your primary care physician or a primary care physician for your entire family!

What is the difference between family medicine and general practice?

The two practices are very similar, so the terms “family medicine” and “general practice” are often used interchangeably, but there are differences between the practices. Typically, with general practice, basic care and services like X-rays and sutures are provided, while with family medicine, fundamental healthcare is provided, common illnesses and chronic conditions are treated, and patients of all ages can be seen.

With family medicine, any patient of any age can be seen, including a child, an adult, or a senior. You can go to a family medicine clinic for any services you need or bring in a family member who isn’t able to come in by oneself.

Do you have a family medicine clinic in Naperville, IL?

Yes! Suburban Healthcare Associates has a clinic near you in Naperville. You’ll find us at 2776 Fogue Drive, Suite 100, Naperville, IL 60564. To book a family or individual meet-and-greet with us, or for any kind of appointment with our clinic, give us a call today at (331) 205-8519. We serve patients from Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, Joliet IL, Woodridge IL, Wolfs IL, Warrenville IL, Crystal Lawns IL, Romeoville IL, Lockport IL, Crest Hill IL, Shorewood IL, Gilletts IL, and Fairmont IL.

Our healthcare clinic is privately owned and affiliated with Edward Hospital & Health Services and Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center, and our family doctors are highly rated and fully capable of providing your family with comprehensive care. You can depend on us here at Suburban Healthcare Associates.

We look forward to speaking with you and seeing you soon at our clinic in Naperville!

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