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xyGeneo® Facial Specialist

OxyGeneo® Facial Specialist Questions and Answers

If you are interested in the OxyGeneo facial and how it may benefit you and your skin care goals, contact Suburban Healthcare Associates! Call us for more information or schedule an appointment online! We have convenient locations to serve you in Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, and Joliet IL.

OxyGeneo® Facial Specialist Near Me in Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, and Joliet IL
OxyGeneo® Facial Specialist Near Me in Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, and Joliet IL

Table of Contents:

What is an OxyGeneo® facial?
What are the benefits of OxyGeneo® facial?
How does this Oxygenate my Skin?
What should I expect after an OxyGeneo® facial treatment?

What is an OxyGeneo® facial?

OxyGeneo® facial is an innovative technology created for skin exfoliation which is the removal of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, which helps to improve the skin’s oxygen levels and infuse valuable products to help enrich the skin. The simultaneous skin exfoliation process along with skin oxygenation optimizes the absorption of valuable components with the nutrient-rich products into the skin.

The OxyGeneo® facial exfoliates, infuses and oxygenates by providing anti-aging results by treating the skin deeper than the first layer.

What are the benefits of OxyGeneo® facial?

The OxyGeneo® facial offers many benefits including:

• Skin plumping and hydrating benefits
• Restores volume back to the skin
• Renews your youthful glow
• Increases collagen production naturally
• Reduces hyper-pigmentation on the skin
• Reduces wrinkles
• Facial treatment is safe for all skin types

The OxyGeneo® facial treatment infuses enriched products that offer full anti-aging benefits. This treatment also exfoliates wet skin over dry and makes the treatment more pleasant for the patient as then there is no skin irritation involved unlike microdermabrasion.

OxyGeneo® facial uses a large capsule for the treatment which speeds the treatment up, but overall offers a more enjoyable experience. The facial infuses the ingredients into the skin while oxygenating it. The gels that are infused in the treatment includes: Hyaluronic acid, Azelaic acid etc. The treatment is one of the quietest as it doesn’t offer a noisy sound of a vacuum pump like microdermabrasion treatments do.

The OxyGeneo® facial treatment provides superior exfoliation without any irritation and little to no breakouts after the treatment.

How does this Oxygenate my skin?

Oxygenate works by the increasing the CO2 concentration increasing, and in turn the hemoglobin releases oxygen from within. Oxygenating the skin is beneficial for anti-aging and corrective skin procedures.

Due to the oxygenating process, it does not irritate the skin, that is due to the OxyGeneo® facial using a non-vacuum device which can be used to treat areas of the face affected by even the simplest of acne. If you have any skin concerns, you’d like addressed, talk to one of our specialists today, we will be able to go over your skin’s issues and recommend if this facial is best for your skin or if another may be of better interest to you.

What should I expect after an OxyGeneo® facial treatment?

Your skin will start to improve almost immediately after the first treatment. OxyGeneo facials leave the skin feeling fresh, soft and looking more youthful while providing a smooth, shiny and radiant glow.

There is no set number in which we recommend each individual to come in for maintenance facials; however, each individual will have a consultation with one of our specialists, and we can go over with you during the appointment when we recommend you should come back for a follow-up appointment. Depending on what you would like to achieve, some broad recommendations would be one a week for any sun damage or acne concerns (until the acne and sun damage dissipates) and once a month for long-term anti-aging maintenance.

There is no downtime with our OxyGeneo facial treatment, which is a bonus considering most facials will need downtime after them for your skin to recover. Your skin will feel and look amazing once your treatment has commenced, and you can continue onto your daily life without thinking twice.

If you are looking for a facial that doesn’t irritate your skin, works on all skin types, and works to combat acne and help fight aging, our OxyGeneo® Facial is for you! We have three locations for you to choose from in Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, and Joliet, IL. Call us for more information or to book an appointment. Spend less and feel better with our promotions only at Suburban Healthcare Associates! Check out our specials today! We serve patients from Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, Joliet IL, Romeoville IL, Shorewood IL, Crest Hill IL, and Aurora IL.

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