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Geriatric Doctor

Geriatric Doctor Questions and Answers

If you are a senior and require specialized care, come to Suburban Healthcare Associates today. Our doctors provide a higher level of care! Call us for more information or schedule an appointment online! We have convenient locations to serve you in Naperville ILPlainfield IL, and Joliet IL.

Geriatric Doctor Near Me in Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, and Joliet IL
Geriatric Doctor Near Me in Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, and Joliet IL

Table of Contents:

At what age should you start seeing a geriatric doctor?
What does a geriatrician do?
Why should I see a geriatric doctor?
What are geriatric problems?

Senior care refers to the healthcare provided to older adults, from routine health exams to preventative health services. As we age, the body begins to deteriorate. This can lead to a vast number of health concerns, from complex diseases to common injuries. While healthcare is vital to the wellbeing of patients of all ages, it is especially important for older adults.

At what age should you start seeing a geriatric doctor?

Generally speaking, people over the age of 65 with a chronic condition should see a geriatric doctor. Although there is no defined age of when to see a geriatrician that applies perfectly to every situation, those who are of advanced age and have at least one chronic condition should consider visiting a geriatrician instead of, or in addition to, their regular care physician.

What does a geriatrician do?

Geriatricians specialize in evaluating, diagnosing and treating conditions and diseases that commonly affect older patients. Their practice of exclusively treating patients of older age focuses on their ability and effectiveness to better address their health concerns. They also educate patients on how to stay active, connected and healthy in order to prevent a number of medical conditions from arising. They provide a complete picture of health for geriatric patients.

Why should I see a geriatric doctor?

It may be recommended to see a geriatric doctor, if:

• You have multiple medical conditions
• You find that treatment for one medical condition produces negative side effects or negatively affects another condition
• You take multiple medications, especially if they are causing side effects that interfere with quality of life
• You are experiencing functional decline or physical frailty
• You have a disease associated with aging, including:
• Dementia
• Incontinence
• Osteoporosis

What are geriatric problems?

Problems that commonly affect geriatric patients include:

Dementia — With age, cognitive function begins to decline. One of the most common conditions affecting the older population is dementia, which can lead to memory disorders, personality changes and impaired reasoning.

Osteoporosis — Another condition commonly associated with older adults is osteoporosis. While it is more common in women, osteoporosis can also affect men.

Incontinence — Bladder and bowel control is an essential function, and when it begins to decline, can have negative repercussions on mental health.

Diabetes — One of the most common chronic conditions, diabetes affects around 1 in 10 Americans. If left unchecked, it can lead to a long list of health complications, including neuropathy.

Other Chronic Health Conditions — A condition is considered chronic when it persists for more than three months. Chronic conditions, such as heart disease and hypertension, are common among the older population and require careful care and treatment in order to effectively manage the condition and minimize symptoms.

Balance Issues — Balance issues can arise from degenerative conditions and can increase the risk of falling or accidental injury.

Sarcopenia — The decline in muscle mass with age is known as sarcopenia, and significantly contributes to the risk of falling, instability, immobility and disability in the older population.

Sensory Impairments — Impaired vision and hearing loss are common chronic problems among older people and can lead to other complications, such as increased risk of injury

If you or someone you love is looking for senior care that they can trust, come to Suburban Healthcare Associates today. Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in treating older adults and can help improve your quality of life. Call us today to book an appointment. We look forward to serving you! We serve patients from Naperville ILPlainfield ILJoliet IL, Romeoville IL, Shorewood IL, Crest Hill IL, and Aurora IL.

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