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While aging is inevitable, its effects vary widely among patients, so attentive, personalized care is crucial to your quality of life. The doctors at Suburban Healthcare Associates in Plainfield, Joliet, and Naperville, Illinois, target this complex aspect of your health with the belief that there’s no single treatment model that fits all seniors and the care they require. Call or click today to make an appointment with practitioners who put your unique needs first.

Senior Care Q & A

What are some of the common health issues facing seniors?

While it’s likely that your personal health challenges add up to a unique combination, there are several conditions and diseases that anyone in their senior years carries an increased risk of encountering.

Arthritis might be the number one condition affecting seniors. One type, called osteoarthritis, is a wear-and-tear type problem that results from years of everyday life and activity. It’s a peculiar health care challenge, since the pain and reduced mobility that results from the condition often interfere with the most effective natural treatment. Staying active is the best defense against the progression of the condition. However, pain may lead to more sedentary lifestyle options.

Falls become an increased risk for seniors, since you be susceptible to losing balance or tripping, and your body can no longer shrug off the effects of falling as perhaps it once did. About 2.5 million seniors have emergency room visits due to falls every year, with a strong chance of a return visit within 12 months.

What diseases commonly affect seniors?

Heart disease is the most common fatal condition for seniors. Contributing factors, such as hypertension and high cholesterol, have likely had years to take their toll on your cardiac health, so risk factors for heart attack and stroke rise significantly. While there are specific treatments for different types of heart disease, all aspects of heart health benefit from a healthy lifestyle, including sleep, exercise, and balanced diet.

The risk of cancer increases every day of your life. Fortunately, things have never been better for those whose cancers are detected early. Regular screening is your best chance at reducing cancer’s impact when it occurs.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory conditions place third behind cancer as fatal conditions for people over 65. Asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema affect a large portion of seniors.

Why is senior care more complex?

As you age, health issues may not happen individually, as may have been common in your youth. A typical senior may struggle with diabetes, heart disease, and osteoarthritis simultaneously, adding layers of complexity to the treatment of each condition. Primary medical care through Suburban Healthcare Associates assures knowledgeable and familiar care, no matter what your combination of conditions.