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    Mary Callahan, MD

    Naperville, Plainfield & Joliet, IL Pediatrician & Family Medicine Doctor

    Suburban Healthcare Associates

    Dr. Callahan is a compassionate and dedicated pediatrician specializing in the health and well-being of children and adolescents. A graduate of the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Dr. Callahan has acquired a solid foundation in pediatric medicine and completed her residency at Virginia Commonwealth. Throughout her training, she developed a keen interest in several key areas, including obesity, developmental delays, anxiety and depression, and ADHD.

    Dr. Callahan is particularly passionate about addressing the rising concern of childhood obesity. Recognizing the long-term impact on a child's health, she works closely with families to implement strategies for healthy nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle changes. In the realm of developmental delays, anxiety, depression, and ADHD, Dr. Callahan applies a holistic and individualized approach to patient care. She collaborates closely with families to assess and address these challenges, recognizing the interconnected nature of physical and mental health in children. By providing thorough evaluations, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support, Dr. Callahan aims to enhance the overall quality of life for children facing these conditions. With a warm and approachable demeanor, Dr. Callahan fosters a trusting and collaborative relationship with both patients and their families. 

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