Pediatric Weight Loss

Pediatric Weight Loss in Naperville, Plainfield, and Joliet, IL

Pediatric Weight Loss Tips For Families

Does your child have a high BMI (Body Mass Index)?

Are you trying to help your child lose weight and make healthier food choices? 

Our four highly experienced and dedicated doctors at Suburban Healthcare Associates in Joliet, Naperville, and Plainfield, IL, are ready to assist you and your child overcome signs of pediatric childhood obesity and any weight-loss obstacles.

What Is Childhood Obesity?

When your child has a consistently higher BMI score above 95%, this affects their ability to play normally or have an active lifestyle. Your child would be considered obese.

Obesity in children is becoming the most common childhood epidemic and can affect differing populations of people. Those who live in poverty or underserved communities are at the most risk.

It is cheaper for those individuals to get highly processed, sugary foods at the store than fruits or vegetables, and some geographic areas may need help getting produce as it isn't readily available.

Childhood and adult obesity continues to rise. What can you, as parents, do for your child to ensure a healthier, more active lifestyle?

Below are some tips from our four doctors at Suburban Healthcare Associates located in Plainfield, Naperville, and Joliet, IL.

  • Schedule an appointment with our physicians to assess your child's overall health. This can be essential to determine whether your interventions are effective.
  • Remember, combating childhood obesity is a family affair. Genetic factors can predispose your child to obesity, but your family's lifestyle choices can make a significant difference. When your child sees you adopting healthier habits, they're more likely to follow suit, leading to a healthier lifestyle for the whole family.
  • Motivate family members to eat healthier and choose better food choices. Sometimes, it's hard to afford a whole fridge full of fresh fruits or vegetables, but one thing within your control is teaching and moving towards better food choices as a family.
  • Planning walks, games, or exercise as a family will increase the willingness to participate, keep the whole family motivated, and be seen as fun instead of exercise. It costs nothing to dance to music, walk around the block, or play an energizing game of tag.

Remember, you're not alone. Our doctors can provide resources to area organizations that can provide fresh produce. Changing two meals a week to fresher options is a great way to introduce a healthier lifestyle.

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