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Allergy Testing in Naperville, Plainfield, and Joliet, IL

Don’t live without the facts! Come to Suburban Healthcare Associates to receive your allergy testing today. We can not only diagnose your allergy but also create a treatment specifically for you. Discover the benefits today! We have 3 locations to serve you. Please call us for more information.

Allergies Treatment in Naperville, Plainfield, and Joliet, IL
Allergies Treatment in Naperville, Plainfield, and Joliet, IL

Living with allergies is no fun, especially if an allergen like pollen prevents you from having fun outside, or dust mites make living at home difficult. You can, however, be tested for allergies so you can avoid them easier, and there are other options for dealing with allergies too. We offer these solutions here at Suburban Healthcare Associates. Get in touch with us today if you believe you’d benefit from our services and allergy testing in Naperville, Plainfield, or Joliet, IL!

What is allergy testing like?

One of the methods for allergy testing is a simple skin test. It’s so simple that it can be done in about 15 minutes and give you immediate results. The test works like this: drops of various allergens are placed on a patient’s forearm and then the skin is pierced with tiny needles. A patient may or may not react to the allergen, and if the patient does react, this indicates an allergy. It’s also possible for a patient to have a thorough blood test done to check for allergies.

Is an allergy test painful?

No, it isn’t. With the skin test, the needles used are so tiny that they’re practically pain-free. The needles barely penetrate the skin’s surface, so there’s no bleeding either. Patients may experience a tiny bit of discomfort during the treatment, and after, some itchiness. With the blood test for allergies, a simple needle is used to take a blood sample, then that sample is tested.

How much does it cost for an allergy test?

Insurance may cover the cost of an allergy test, so that can make the test much more affordable for many patients. You can contact us here at Suburban Healthcare Associates to see whether we work with your particular health insurance provider. We likely do, as we work with most major providers. Also, keep in mind that costs vary depending on the provider and the number of allergens being tested for.

With insurance coverage, a test will likely cost somewhere around $70. Again, this cost varies depending on many factors. The cost of a blood test can be around $250, but this test is often more thorough and precise.

How do allergy shots work?

Once a patient knows what he or she is allergic to, it’s much easier to avoid the allergens. Sometimes when a patient has allergies and wants to actually address the allergies themselves, he or she will get allergy shots.

The medical term for getting allergy shots is allergy immunotherapy. It works a lot like how vaccines work in that controlled doses of an allergen are injected at regular intervals. The patient won’t experience a full reaction, but the immune system will be able to recognize the allergen and eventually come up with a better defense against it. Over time, the patient becomes desensitized or even immune to the allergen.

Where can I get tested for allergies?

Here at Suburban Healthcare Associates, you can get tested for allergies and you can even get allergy shots. A test is easy, painless, and affordable, and once you know what you’re allergic to, you can be much more care-free about eating, going outside, and just enjoying life more. We can test children at our clinic, so you can bring in your child if he or she needs a test.

We have multiple locations in Naperville, Plainfield, and Joliet, IL. Call the location nearest you today if you’d like to learn more about us and allergy testing with us, or if you’d like to book an appointment or consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you believe you’d benefit from our services here at Suburban Healthcare Associates!